Monday, August 15, 2011

Dana Point Harbor, CA

We were set on going to the beach on this day. The beach weather can be deceiving sometimes! We realized it was not a beach day due to the overcast but of course when we changed gear to walk around the harbor it turned into a beautiful day. We enjoyed walking the lenght of the harbor and the kids enjoyed climbing around the made Nana a bit nervous. Also, Hailee came across her dream car...a yellow jeep! Funny, that was my dream car when I was a youngster.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Keeping it all in perspective!

"Auntie is that your lotion?", said my 4 year old niece. "Yes, Emma" as I lathered up some pretty thick lotion on every contour of my body, "it keeps Auntie young." Emma's response "hehehehe." Slightly taken back I said "what, you don't think it will keep me young?". Emma responded "heheheheh." and walked away.
This little encounter brought it all into perspective for me. For the last few weeks it has come to center of my brain that at the end of August I will be 30. As a side note I may be the woman at 35 still saying I am 29....hey I look young...people tell me that all the time... I realized that I have been paying much closer attention to any and all magazine articles having to do with youth and products showcased tooting their ability to help the aging process. Point: A few days ago at the gym I took mental note of Cliniques age spot defiers commerical (yes I will be purchasing this item). I also took the time to transfer into the note section of my phone the names of 2 lotions that claim to be age defying and contain the R word Retinol. Thank you to the magazines at my sister Sara's house for that.
Off I go now to the world of youth, this evening I am headed to my sweet Emmas dance studio!
I may pick up some Clinique product on my way back!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Marine

We are almost 3 months into our 12 months! That's a quarter of the way. That sounds better to me then saying 3 months. Here's the only picture that I've seen of Chris, well the only one he has sent me. Although he does have a camera with him! So I'm sure we will all get an eye full of pictures at some point. This was before a 15 mile hike although it does look like he's exhausted. There are two things I find funny about this picture. 1) his posture!! 2) The attempt to grow a mustache. I believe he does both to get a rise out of me....even from thousands of miles away.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blog Something!!

My dear sweet husband some thousands miles away is urging me to update my blog! He would have been the last person I would have thought to be looking at OUR blog....but its so sweet that he does! So Mother's Day is it with a ' or not. Who knows! Someone knows..but not me. Perhaps someone who read this will let me know. Not likely. So today I woke up too EARLY from the sound of moving around in the kitchen. I could then smell the bacon, might I say turkey bacon, hehehe Chris. This is definetly a tradition in the house. Every Mothers long as there is another adult in the house..the kids "surprise" me with breakfast in bed! Surprise is how I act but I have that keen sense of smell and hearing that tips me off. So at 7am this morning I "awoke" to a plate full of yummy mommy food! Hailee cut up the kiwi (makes me think of Chris) and strawberries. Tyler cooked the bacon and then I think Hailee did the eggs. Of course my Dad manned the coffee maker. They did a great job. Hailee was so cute..she said she had watched me the day before cut up the kiwi and thats how she knew how to do it. Greatest kids ever I tell ya! Hailee even wrote a little placard with my name and included a flower from the porch flower basket. What a thoughtful hostess! Then I was "surprised" by a song. Hailee wrote the words and Tyler came up with the notes on his guitar. Can't wait to share it with you honey! Chocolate dipped strawberries were next...thank goodness for Grandpa and his attention to details and his love for his Grandkids. I guess thats what the late night trip to the store was for : ) The best part was how the kids paid for our lunch to Chilis. The story goes something like this. The kids wanted to pay for the lunch by themselves with their own money..but of course they had spent all of it previously on the book fair and Tylers new 3DS. So they decided they wanted to sell items on Ebay. Too funny, right?! So they gave items "to sell" to Grandpa and he gave them a loan for lunch. Hailee wrote down her items with a price tag of $143.!! Must have been some gold in those stuffed animals. We spent the rest of the day kicking it around the house with lots of "I love you's" and the kids telling me what a great Mom I am! Lucky for me each time I walked in the living room I got to see my present from Chris...Beautiful Flowers. Thanks my love!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blog Challenge Day #9

Pictures of my friends. Cherished friends are those that you as a married couple can share. So the second picture is Nichole and Jason Sheets. Two of Chris and my favorite people and probably two of the most missedHere's Mrs. Mel and I. I really need a picture of her hubby Richard too. I seem to be friends with some very caring people and these two fit the bill. Best of my my kids love them!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 8

A place I've traveled to.
Over the summer I had a yearning to travel. So I packed the kids up made some hotel reservation and set off to Williamsburg, VA. Just the kids and I. Luckily everyone in my family knows I like to do last minute spontaneous things. Watch out! So we spent 3 days doing whatever we wanted to. I spent a day at Busch Gardens and the other full day I surprised the kids with a visit from their Uncle Clinton touring the local tourist attractions.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Blog Challenge Day #7

Favorite Movies
I'll start by saying that I'm not a huge movie buff. I seldom will sit thru a movie more than once unless its one of the following or unless I'm sitting with good company. Cocktails, Dirty Dancing, Titanic, and Nicholas Sparks book made into a movie and Footloose. Yes, some of those hit high on the cheesy scale. But a girl likes what a girl likes. I love to cry during movies and have a love/hate relationship with romantic movies. They set the bar way too high!!!